Falling Ponds Farm
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Welcome to Falling Ponds, a privately owned farm on 32 acres of land in South Carolina. Our latest venture is a flock of 30 ducks and three geese. The picture above is of the ducks coming at our call--they are greedy little birds, always waiting to see if we are gong to toss them an extra treat of bread or cracked corn. They give us lots of laughs and also provide us with hormone free eggs.

Ducks are wonderful creatures, easy to take care of, especially if you have a pond or few acres for them to play around on all day. At night, ours obediently come waddling into their house where we can shut their trap door against predators and provide them with their night time feeding. In the morning, we collect the eggs and watch as they waddle and flap their way to the pond where they feed on pond weeds and whatever else they find throughout the day. All in all they are much more fun than chickens, and the eggs are awesome.

It had been a long hot summer with a disappointing experience in the gardens but the ducks are doing their job and laying lots of pearly eggs. We haven't bought chicken eggs in months and are selling all the eggs we don't eat ourselves.

We didn't put up a lot of veggies this year because we didn't have that much of a harvest, but we have plenty from other years.

We are heavily involved in politics this year--hoping to help change the terrible direction our country is headed in. We are volunteering and rooting vigorously for Ted Cruz and will do everything we can to convince everyone that he is exactly the person our country needs.