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We believe in "traditional" education
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Getting an education in America today means something entirely different from what America's Founders understood by the term "education." Thanks to a radical by the name of Dewey--who following the lead of several who had preceded him, education today is interpreted as learning how to do something that will enable you to make a living--preferably a cushy one.
However, today's schools are not really "educating" anyone. They are actively engaged in job training.

A real education is not merely learning a trade, with the possible exceptions of medicine and law, two disciplines which by their very nature involve a comprehensive education. Real education means learning a lot of "stuff"; it is knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, a kind of knowledge that allows one to invent, build, dream and create the opportuntities that once were the heart and soul of the American dream. A truly educated person is not dependent on one industry or one type of job. Instead, he knows enough about the world, about people and their needs and about how things work that he can create another job if one fails.

We want to share a new concept with you. Sherman Institute is an online college that is off the beaten track--way off, in fact. They don't participate in financial aid programs, but a full load of classes is less thatn $1000 per semester. They believe in teaching you how to think, not what to think, and some of the professors take silver instead of paper money for tuition payment. They teach Constitutional studies, real journalism, real science including farm science, and tons more. They believe in real education--debt free at that. In the 100% online classes, you will learn real economics, English grammar, writing and literature that has not been taught in public school sine the 70s, math and science that will enable to apply your knowledge to the technology or your choice, history that will make a difference in the way you understand America today, and much more.

If you have realized that have job training rather than education, or if you have not yet started your college education and want one with content, check out Sherman Institute at http://shermaninstitute.info. It is just possibly the only institution of higher learning America where you are virtually guaranteed a debt free education in addition to actually learning the content that will make you a truly educated person.